History & Future

Shark Solutions was founded early 2005 – based on a good innovative idea & prototype of a press container (mobile compactor) and glass separator for laminated safety glass.

The press container (Shark Press Container) was patent protected in Europe and USA. After the development of the European market the activities were sold early 2008 – since we wanted to change focus to the glass separator and the PVB business as the demand for green environmentally friendly raw-material increased.

The Shark Glass separation technology has been developed further and patents are granted in some regions and in other patents are still in progress, and this protected technology offers the industry the ability not to landfill PVB waste, which have major positive environmental impact.

We market and sell this unique mobile technology for separation of laminated glass and other types of flat glass, e.g. safety glass - as well as gypsum boards, PV modules etc. but based on the continuously increasing demand for PVB we decided that our key focus should be the PVB RECYCLING.

Today we have developed our recycling process even further and through a high level of research and development and also considerably investments we have accomplished to clean PVB waste from glass and other contamination in industrial volumes by both chemical and mechanical cleaning steps.

Not only have we developed the special know how on how to recycle this niche waste product –  we have also been able to  turn the PVB into useful and valuable raw materials of various types for a number of applications suitable for a lot of different industries. Today we resource mine PVB from recycling sources and manufacture new alternative, advanced PVB raw material supply for several industries worldwide.

We have been awarded both by one of the biggest groups in the world but also the EU for recycling PVB.

Due to our success we have been able to attract new investors and we have been able to develop our business worldwide, so we have now production facilities in Denmark, Belgium and USA. In USA we have been able to establish cooperation with the world largest company within replacement windshields and here we run both a glass separation unit and a PVB cleaning facility.

We mine our PVB from major recyclers and our strategy is to operate near to the source to be able to minimize the carbon footprint of our operation.

International Recognition of our Technology and Results

New investor in Shark Solutions Group

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A world leader in carpet launches products with PVB dispersion from Shark Solutions.

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World Trade 100 and SMC3 Announce the 2012 Alliance Award Winners

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Shark Solutions - Safelite
Shark Solutions to partner with US leading vehicle glass replacement company Safelite AutoGlass®.
Shark Solutions - EU environmental prize Open press release

Shark Solutions - EU environmental prize
Shark Solutions - EU environmental prize Open press release

Press release October 31, 2011
Cleantech company Shark Solutions A/S raises EUR 4 million.
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Shark Solutions - Saint Gobain
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