SharkPowder™ Is the trade name for Shark Solutions powder, made of 100 % post consumer recycled Polyvinyl Butyral in various grade.

PVB is used in a huge number of industrial applications. It can be processed thermally, in blends or in solutions.

Due to its extremely good adhesive abilities it is often used as adhesive promoter in printing inks, paints and lacquers, and it can also be used for protecting steel against corrosion. It adheres very well to many surfaces as steel, iron, zinc, aluminum and other light metals, but also on glass, concrete, ceramics etc.

The hot melt adhesive can be used in gluing non-diffusion open materials.

PVB can be dissolved in several organic solvents – alcohols as ethanol, butanol and mixtures and other to form liquid solutions. Mixtures are often used to lower the viscosity of the solution.

Dissolved forms of the adhesive blend can be used for impregnation of open materials, gluing of diffusion open parts and alike. The primer can be coloured with suitable fine grinded, electrolyte-free pigments and fillers, also in combination with zinc containing active pigments.

PVB has good compatibility with many plasticizers. Cross linking with other resins works as well. Among others can be mentioned: phenolic, melamine and epoxy’ resins.

As our PVB origins from windshields and other laminated glass, the hydroxyl and butyral content is similar to the virgin material used for this purpose.

Hydroxyl content ~ 22 – 35 %
Butyral content ~ 64 %
Non volatile softeners ~ 22 %

Viscosity in 10 % ethanol ~ 200 mPa*s (cP)

SharkPowderC2-400™ is made from our finest grade of PVB and has 400 microns as average particle size.

Our standard packing is in Big Bags with 500 kg placed on pallets.

Please contact us for further information.

PVB Powder



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