SharkPellets™ Is the trade name for Shark Solutions granules made of 100 % post-consumer recycled PolyVinyl Butyral in various grades.

PVB = Polyvinyl Bytyral is a halogen-free elastomer, which does not contain chlorine, corroding agents or any phthalates and TSCA listed components.

PVB itself works as an adhesive hot melt, and can be used on glass, concrete, ceramics etc. The hot melt adhesive can be used as known in laminated glass ”gluing” or elsewhere in gluing non-diffusion open materials.

Due to excellent thermoplastic properties it can be used in pure form in standard plastic procedures – like injection moulding and extrusion or in composition with fillers to form composite materials or in a compounded blend with specialized properties.

By mixing in extruder it can be mixed with PU (polyurethane), PE (polyethylene), PP (Polypropylene), Polyaniline, PMMA, PA6, PVC as it is fully compatible and valuable for application in master batches.

To adjust melting properties, viscosity, flow and strength PVB can be compounded with resins, (like Escorez), polymers like Vestoplast, and reactive polymers like Fusabond, Elvaloy or other grafted polymers.

Sometimes a compatibilizer like maleic acid anhydride, or maleic acid-grafted- polymers must be used, but all based on the desired properties of the PVB.

Hot melt compositions can be used in road striping materials, adhesive for architectural parts and for permanent fixing of cracks and damages.

Also resins like epoxy, isocyanate, phenolic modified resins, shellac and silicone can be used with PVB.

PVB can be dissolved in a mix of several alcohols as ethanol, butanol a.o. to form liquid solutions of the adhesive blend to be used for impregnation  and gluing of diffusion open materials.


Physical properties of PVB:

Melting point:  180 – 190˚C

PVB becomes sticky at 28˚C.

PVB becomes brittle below -30˚C


PVB Powder



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Shark Solutions - EU environmental prize
Shark Solutions - EU environmental prize Open press release

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Cleantech company Shark Solutions A/S raises EUR 4 million.
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