Is the trade name for Shark Solutions water based peelable coatings based on 100 % post-consumer recycled Polyvinyl Butyral. 

SharkCoat TC™ is available in a thixotropic grade: TC12-22™ (approx. 110 KU). SharkCoat TC12-22™ can be supplied in two opaque colours: White and blue, but it can also be delivered in a colourless (“Natural”) edition, which forms a slightly hazy dry film.

Our peelable coatings formulations are based on our SharkDispersion™. The recommended dry film thickness is varying from 40 to 250 microns.
SharkCoat TC™ forms a film, which is combining toughness, flexibility and elongation with softness, resistance and strength without blocking problems.

SharkCoat TC™ is a ready to use water based temporary coating with excellent sagging resistance. Dilution with water is possible. It can be applied on glass, polyesters, plastics, metals or other surfaces, which need a temporary protective coating – that can be peeled off easily. 

SharkCoat TC™ can be applied by brush, dip, roller, spray, airless spray, spreader, foam or as an aerosol. However, be aware that when the wet coating is exposed to air, it begins to dry – meaning skinning can occur. Therefore, when spray applied, keep nozzles moist – and container closed. After application expect about 2 hours for drying (at normal indoor room temperature and humidity). 

SharkCoat TC™ may be used for outdoor applications, but it has got limited resistance to weather and wear. The dry coating forms a breathable film, which is somewhat open for water evaporation / permeability.
Applying and peeling off the product does normally not affect the base substrate. 

Packaging: The coatings are available in IBC’s with approx. 1100 kg, in plastic drums of 220 kg and in cans of 20 kg.

Consumption / spreading rate: Approximately 2 – 10 m2 per ltr. depending on the substrate and the application method. Application of 40 micron dry film thickness equals a consumption of 0,1 ltr. per m2.

Storage: Store in closed containers, if opened, skin can form on the wet coating surface. Shelf life in unopened containers: Min. 2 years.

Examples of applications: SharkCoat TC12-22™ is the preferred choice, when a high film thickness is requested.

Paint masking

Spray booth coating – and other applications that require easy and efficient cleaning after use.

Equipment and building parts protection for limited time – e.g. during transport, installation, maintenance.

Chemical masking – protecting drying concrete surfaces for water evaporation during curing.

Glass surfaces for temporary protection. As an example green-houses could be mentioned.


PVB Powder

SharkCoat TC™


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