is the trade name for a special grade of Shark Solutions water based dispersion made of 100 % post-consumer or post-industrial recycled Polyvinyl Butyral.

SharkBinder1-1™ is used as dust binder on indoor absorbent wearing concrete surfaces – or as primer as pre-treatment before a topcoat seals the surface (e.g. transparent epoxy or polyurethane), in accordance with EN-1504-2: 2005. More over it will reduce consumption of such coats by more than 40%.

Due to the small particle size (~ 0,130 µm), the diluted SharkBinder1-1™ has an excellent penetration into the substrate – tested depth of penetration into concrete ≥ 5 mm.

Water vapour permeability: Class III (Sd>50m)

Shark Binder™ is a whitish fluid dispersion based on recycled PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral). SharkBinder1-1™ is almost transparent after drying. SharkBinder1-1™ does not contain phthalates as plasticizer.

Recommended dilution
Mix 1 part SharkBinder1-1™ with 3 parts of tap water (by weight) and stir well.

The surface should be clean and healthy without grease, oil, algae, loose particles and laitance. Suitable cleaning methods are cleaning with high pressure or hot water.
The surface should be completely dry before application of the diluted SharkBinder1-1™ - in order to ensure the best possible penetration. The substrate should provide a mineral absorbent dry surface.

Application after dilution
SharkBinder1-1™ is applied by brush, roller (short haired preferably) or spray. Apply in one layer about 330 – 360 gram/m². Smaller items can also be dipped in SharkBinder1-1™.

Tools and equipment should be cleaned with tap water immediately after use. Hardened material can only be removed mechanically.

The consumption depends on the porosity and absorbance of the concrete substrate, but it is generally 330-360 g/m2 after dilution 1:3.

Shelf life and storage
12 months in dry and frost-free storage.
Do not store in direct sunlight. If the product has been exposed to frost and "grits" are found in the liquid after thawing and mixing, discard.

Technical characteristics of
SharkBinder1-1™ before dilution

Colour                                     Milky White
Solids content (w/w)               45 - 48 %
Density                                    1,0 - 1,1 kg/ltr.
pH                                           approx. 9
Viscosity                                  100 - 300 mPa·s
Particle size (d50 mean)           ~ 0,130 µm
Operation temp. range            +5 to +30˚C

Certificates and CE marking
Based on tests at the Danish Technological Institute and at the Belgian University of Ghent SharkBinder1-1™ has obtained certificates for applications on concrete surfaces according to EN 1504-2:2005.

SharkBinder1-1™ has been assigned CE product marking based on examinations performed by the independent conformity assessment body: Belgian Construction Certification Agency (BCCA) with identification number CPR/0749.

Patent application filed in 2013.

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