Glass Separation Tech

Our laminated glass separation solution was designed and patented for use by leading recyclers worldwide.

The SGS (Shark Glass Separation) system is a complete glass crushing solution designed for processing laminated and flat glass. This includes windshields, automotive glass, building glass and other flat glass.

Designed for high volume environments, the SGS crushes and separates the glass from the PVB (PolyVinyl Butyral) interlay. It includes a high quality crusher, sieve, conveyors, an integrated control panel and easy addition of magnets, metal detection and powder collection systems.

Operational costs for the SGS are competitive with low labor requirements, low energy consumption and big output.

As an example, the processing of 20,000 MT laminated glass creates approximately 18,000 MT in glass cullet and approximately 1,200 MT of PVB fractions. Depending on where the SGS system is operated, Shark Solutions can in many instances assist as an outlet for the PVB waste, so they do not need to be landfilled.

The primary glass cullet is created in sizes from 0 – 4mm, and is very clean from contamination from PVB or other materials. There are a number of ways that can help a recycling company to maximize the value of this glass.


Recycled PVB Products'

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International Recognition of our Technology and Results

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Shark Solutions - Safelite
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Shark Solutions - EU environmental prize
Shark Solutions - EU environmental prize Open press release

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Cleantech company Shark Solutions A/S raises EUR 4 million.
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