Blind study of sustainable PVB binder-based wall paints against commercial top-line brand paints


Shark Solutions engaged with ChemQuest Technology Institute (CQTI), a third-party independent test lab, to perform a blind study in order to evaluate interior architectural wall paint formulations with binder systems composed of or containing recycled polyvinyl butyral (PVB).

The results of this study show that wall paints can be made with PVB as the sole binder or as a component in a blended binder formulation with competitive technical performance compared to traditional binder systems.

PVB is recycled from laminated glass from windshields and building glass and upcycled into Water Borne dispersions (SharkDispersions™) offering superior properties based on their chemisty. SharkDispersions™ also allow for low (down to <1 g/L) VOC paint formulations that do not need to rely on coalescing agents. Testing covered: Rheology stability, pH, wet scrub-resistance, color properties, wet and dry opacity, adhesion to wallboard, dry time, gloss, hardness, minimum film formation temperature, blocking and stain resistance. These PVB based dispersions are shown to perform competitively against a control as well as 2 commercially available off-the-shelf paints using binders composed of Styrene Acrylic and pure Acrylic chemistries.

Why use SharkDispersions as binder in your wall paint?
Why use SharkDispersions as binder in your wall paint?

So the question for you is: how sustainable should your wall paint be?
So the question for you is: how sustainable should your wall paint be?

With PVB binder you got unique sustainability profile with equal performance to known binders. You can minimize your innovation risk by just replacing 25% of your current binder with PVB. Or you can maximize using up to 100%.

In addition, Shark Solutions sustainable PVB Dispersions have:

  • Stable pricing for longer periods: as agreed but normally 1 year – Not tied to crude oil pricing for our feedstock, we source from broken glass.
  • Short delivery times and Strong inventory.
  • Regional European and US production + regional warehousing.

For the full copy of this technical report, please email:

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