ID launches ECO Respectueuse, the first sustainable wall paint in Europe, based on SHARK SOLUTIONS PVB Resin

Initiatives Decoration (ID), European leader in effect paints, has long been committed to the research and development of sustainable solutions, to lower the impact on the environment and health (paint ≤1g Volatile Organic Components, VOC / l, depolluting decorative paints, etc.) as evidenced by its two ISO 9001 certifications and the environmental quality standard ISO 14001.

ID is already a pioneer of sustainable paints in France with ALGO DECO range, bio-based paints, locally made from natural algae. However, with their new ECO Respectueuse paint, ID is able to use an environmentally friendly recycle based polymer resin instead of traditional raw materials less environmentally friendly.

Guy-Antoine DELAVENNE, ID Managing Director says: “With our paint ECO Respectueuse, we have the ambition to revolutionize our profession as a paint manufacturer to consume less, consume better and preserve the resources of our beautiful planet for the next generations to come.

When SHARK SOLUTIONS offered us its PVB-based sustainable resin, we immediately identified the environmental benefits of this technology.

Recycled PVB as a raw material, contributes both to reduce our carbon footprint and also to reduce waste in general. It is both a kind and responsible approach towards our planet and people.

Technically, the resin produced by SHARK SOLUTIONS is flexible, adheres to many substrates, UV resistant, transparent, free from harmful substances, and allows the formulation of ECO Respectueuse paint with low VOC emissions (<1g / l). ID add oyster shells powder, collected and recycled locally in France, as natural fillers. It does provide a good performance to the paint and a high covering power.

Our paint ECO Respectueuse is made in France, with equal characteristics and technical performance of a classic paint and at an affordable price. It further provides unique performance advantages in-line with customer expectations for quality products that are environmentally focused or not.

Our exclusive and innovative partnership with SHARK SOLUTIONS as a supplier, coupled with loyal customers who are environmentally concerned, are both keys to our ambition to consistently provide our final customers high quality environmentally friendly products. We are very proud to develop collective intelligence serving consumers and the common good.”



Technical characteristics of this innovative paint:

• MULTI-SUPPORT: new or to renovate plasterboards, woodwork, laminates…
• VERY HIGH COVERAGE: 99% in 2 layers (200µm)
• WASHABLE: CLASS 1 according to EN 13- standard 300
• FORMATS: 50ml, 0.5L and 2L
• VOC: <1g / l