Soon & Soo PVB-based Wall Paint!

On April 15th 2022, Noroo announced that it has developed a paint utilising PVB from recycled windshields. This product is the first of its kind to be created in Korea. Windshield laminating film was previously classified as waste because it was difficult to reuse. However, Shark Solutions’ proven technology now turns this former waste stream into sustainable raw materials for various industrial applications.

This new Noroo paint features a carbon reduction effect of 1.5 to 1.7 times compared to their existing paints. The paint also includes antibacterial and antifungal properties.

An official from Noroo states:

“This paint based on binder from broken windshields is the result of technology that’s been developed as part of our strong management focus on the ESG agenda (environmental, social, governance)”.

Noroo sought a new binder solution to offer consumers a responsible product that has low CO2 and VOC emissions that also aligned with UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. With a proven binder solution for the paint industry that matches the above criteria and more, Shark Solutions was the ideal match.

While Shark Solutions has worked with Noroo to make PVB binders on other types of coatings, this new product takes the relationship to another level as we support the first company in Asia to introduce this type of forward facing, next-gen wall paint. We also believe this will encourage projects from other ambitious paint manufacturers in Asia and will bring us further success and help us strengthen our relationship.

We enjoy working with forward thinking customers and, as demand for truly sustainable products continues to grow rapidly, we are confident “Soon & Soo” will be successful in the market.