Glass Sourcing USA

Glass Sourcing

Recycling windshields and other types of laminated and flat glass

Glass Sourcing

In the USA, Shark Solutions operates locations for recycling windshields and other types of laminated and flat glass. Currently these locations include Atlanta, GA; Victorville, CA (outside LA); and Wilkes-Barre, PA – so we have possibility to take glass nationwide. The sourcing of laminated glass for our process diverts this damaged material from landfills and allow our suppliers to better conform with their internal sustainability goals.

Shark Solutions works with a variety of suppliers, in the US, including auto glass replacement companies, glass distributors, glass manufacturers, vehicle distributors, vehicle manufacturers, municipalities, end-of-life vehicles yards, and many more.

Depending on supplier requirements, we often arrange for the transportation of the glass, or the complete service of bins, loading and transport. In some cases, our suppliers find it more efficient to deliver the glass to us. Our sourcing specialist works with the supplier to find the most efficient and beneficial method to make this a success.

Throughout the year and at year-end, reports on glass volume and success are communicated to our suppliers so they can use this information for their internal and external reporting and compliance.

If your company process windshields or laminated glass and this is now going to landfill via the regular waste stream; then think twice – maybe there is a better and more sustainable way for this raw material source to end its journey!

Focusing on the circular economy, some suppliers use products made with recycled windshields in their business, such as carpet and paint. In this way, staff and customers can visually see how their participation is making a difference. Contact us for more information on this type programs that cherish all involved, for a better world.