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What we do
What we do

Sustainable binders
SharkDispersions™ are a range of high performance, sustainable binders with a proven track record in architectural coatings (both interior wall paints and façade coatings). The dispersions can also be used in the formulation of various other types of coatings.  We can deliver binders that meet today’s environmental standards and beyond.

Optimize your coatings
When used in coating formulations, our dispersions can boost toughness, color fastness, flexibility, and elongation by forming a soft yet strong film.

Wide applications range
SharkDispersions™ can be used as standalone binders in your (indoor) paint formulations; but can also be used as co-binder replacing only a certain part of your existing binder. In most cases, you can eliminate part (or even all) of the film forming agents (coalescing agents or solvents) from the formulation when SharkDispersions™ are used, which allows for very low VOC and SVOC content. We provide starting point formulations to get you started with your new sustainable paint formulation.

SharkDispersions™ can also be used for primers on gypsum board, fabrics, concrete and both interior and exterior masonry. They can be used to create washable, greaseproof coatings for products like packaging, wallpaper, and window blinds to increase durability.

SharkDispersions™ can be mixed with a variety of emulsions and water dispersible resins due to excellent compatibility. Examples are:

  • Pure Acrylic emulsions
  • Styrene-Acrylic emulsions
  • VA-Acrylic emulsions
  • VA-Ethylene emulsions
  • VA (homo-polymer) emulsions
  • Alkyd emulsions
  • Grafted Alkyd emulsions
  • PU dispersions
  • Water Borne Epoxies
Partner with us and tick off all these benefits!

Benefits at a glance

Partner with us and tick off all these benefits!
  • Homogeneous and stable waterborne dispersions
  • Lower CO2 emissions than traditional virgin oil-based binders. e.g. acrylic-based paint
  • Tested and proven very low VOC and SVOC content
  • Starting point formulas available to share
  • Free of Phthalates, APEO (Alkylphenol ethoxylates), chlorine and formaldehyde
  • Biocide free SharkDispersions™ available with a shelf life of up to one year (unopened)
  • Made from 100% recycled / postconsumer material
  • Inherent sound dampening properties
  • Competitive and stable pricing vs commodity products

Shark Solutions and ID Paris collaborate to make Europe’s first non-toxic sustainable wall paint based on recycled PVB


Like Shark Solutions, Initiatives Decoration (ID) has long been committed to the development of sustainable paint solutions – its ALGO DECO paint range is locally made from natural algae. And now, as a result of the collaboration with Shark Solutions, ID has developed ECO Respectueuse, an environmentally friendly paint made with recycled PVB based dispersion instead of traditional raw materials.

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How are SharkDispersions™ so sustainable & non-toxic?

Unique process
We have developed a unique, patented process for extracting PVB from waste laminate glass.

Unique raw material
SharkDispersions™ are a non-toxic, sustainable and price-competitive alternative to traditional paint binders like Acrylics, Styrene Acrylics, Vinyl Acrylics, Alkyds, PU and other virgin raw materials.

Unique expertise
Our team of chemical engineers have years of experience in developing sustainable, non-toxic paints and coatings – which can be developed in partnership with our customers’ unique needs.


Shark's waterborne PVB dispersion for use in multiple industrial applications where a liquid binder/adhesive is required.


Q&A - Paint & Coatings

Q&A - Paint & Coatings


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Q&A - Paint & Coatings

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