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Sustainable innovations for waterborne Paints – Inks and Non-Textile Coatings

Paint & Coatings
Paint & Coatings

Shark offers a range of high performance sustainable and odorless based binders optimized for architectural, industrial coatings and inks which matches market requirements sold under SharkDispersionSX2™, SharkDispersionC4™, SharkDispersionC5™ trademarks which can be selected according to the processes and applications of our customers’ needs. SharkDispersions™ development is driven by the demand of products to meet environmental standards, like low VOC, APEO (Alkylphenol ethoxylates) and formaldehyde free.

Our dispersions are primarily recommended as a product enhancing additive for coatings, when there is a demand for improving properties like: toughness, color fastness, flexibility and elongation combined with a very resistant and soft, but strong film with excellent exterior durability without blocking problems. In most cases, it should be possible to save part of/or all of the film forming agents (coalescing agents or solvents), when SharkDispersion™ are used.

Our SharkDispersions™ are can also be used or formulated as binder for primers on gypsum board, fabrics plus concrete and masonry interior and exterior.

By using the dispersion as a coating, the durability and abrasion resistance properties of the finished product are increased. SharkDispersion™ may, for example, be used in packaging materials, wallpaper and window shades to produce washable, greaseproof coatings.


SharkDispersionSX2™  is a homogeneous waterborne clear/hazy cross-linkable dispersion made out of 100% postconsumer recycled PVB. Particle size <0,300µm.

SharkDispersionC5™ is a homogeneous waterborne clear/transparent cross-linkable dispersion made out of 100% postindustrial recycled PVB. Particle size <0,240µm


Is used as a base binder and as a performance enhancing co-binder for paints, coatings, inks, paper coatings and formulated compounds and sprays.

Shark Customers are supported by optimum level of technical service from an experienced technical team and application laboratory or will work with you on site.