Textile Treatment
Textile Treatment

The right choice for sustainable textile coatings

Textile Treatment
Textile Treatment

Shark offers a range of dispersions and Pellets optimized for textile and nonwoven applications sold under SharkDispersionMW3™, SharkDispersionSX3™ and SharkPelletC2c™, SharkPelletC4c™, SharkPelletC5c™ trademarks which can be selected according to the processes and applications of our customers need.

SharkDispersions™ and SharkPellets™ offers multiple functionalities for the finishing of textile, nonwovens, artificial leather and is used for the durability and abrasion resistance, strengthen and retaining colors, elasticity, flexibility,  sound damping, anti-slip effect, UV resistance for both in and outdoor.

SharkDispersions™ and SharkPellets™ can be applied to vary types of processing – by lick-roller, by foam-table, by air over knife and air over roll, by spray, by foulard and transfer coating, by extrusion or dissolving, our experience to adapt our grades to the settings of machinery and applications requirements are well recognized by the markets.

SharkDispersions™ as binder for further processes are compatible with various type of fillers, flame retardants, surfactants, thickeners, anti-static agents, etc…or as a co-binder to enhance other polymers.

SharkDispersions™ and SharkPellets™ fulfil the GUT criteria for environmentally friendly polymer dispersion and by using SharkDispersions™ we support our customers to produce their finished products in a sustainable way.

Shark Customers are supported by optimum level of technical service from an experienced technical team and application laboratory or will work with you on site.


SharkDispersionMW3™ is a homogeneous waterborne foamable cross-linkable dispersion made out of 100% post consumers recycled PVB.

SharkDispersionSX3™ is a homogeneous waterborne cross-linkable dispersion made out of 100% postconsumer recycled PVB.


SharkDispersions™ are used as a base binder for textile coatings, foamed textile coatings, textile printing compounds, textile formulated compounds and sprays.


SharkPelletsC2c™ Appearance natural opaque Pellet made out of 100% postconsumer recycled PVB.

SharkPelletsC4c™ Appearance dark colored pellet made out of 100% postindustrial recycled PVB.

SharkPelletsC5c™ Appearance clear transparent pellet made out of 100% postindustrial recycled PVB.


SharkPellets™ are used in an extrusion application for varies type of textiles, non-woven or other types of coatings and for compounding polymer blends and composites.