Shark Solutions and ID Paris


Shark Solutions and ID Paris enters collaborative partnership to make Europe’s first non-toxic sustainable wall paint


Like Shark Solutions, Initiatives Decoration (ID) has long been committed to the development of sustainable paint solutions – its ALGO DECO paint range is locally made from natural algae. And now, as a result of the collaboration with Shark Solutions, ID has developed ECO Respectueuse, an environmentally friendly paint made with recycled PVB polymer resin instead of traditional raw materials that are less environmentally friendly.

Guy-Antoine Delavenne

ID, Managing Director

With our paint ECO Respectueuse, we have the ambition to revolutionize our profession as a paint manufacturer to consume less, consume better and preserve the resources of our beautiful planet for generations to come.


Inherently sustainable

Our recycled PVB resin is sustainable by nature. The recycled PVB is derived from a process unique to Shark that extracts the raw material from broken windshields and waste laminate glass that would otherwise be sent to landfill. This vastly reduces the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process and is therefore a responsible foundation upon which ID Paris can manufacture paint.

Excellent technical performance

Technically, Shark’s recycled PVB resin is flexible, adheres to many substrates, is UV resistant, transparent, free from harmful substances, and allows the formulation of ECO Respectueuse paint with low VOC emissions (<1g / l). ID then uses oyster shell powder, collected, and recycled locally in France, as a natural filler in the paint, providing excellent performance and high coverage.

Head-to-head with traditional paint

With all the above-mentioned benefits, ECO Respectueuse is made in France and has equal characteristics and technical performance when compared with classic paints that are more toxic and less sustainable. Furthermore, it is a competitive price, meaning it meets end-consumer expectations for quality, sustainable and affordable paint.

The result

High quality, nontoxic environmentally friendly paint

The result
  • Multi-use: on new surfaces or to renovate plasterboards, woodwork, laminates
    • Very high coverage: 99% in 2 layers (200μm)
    • High performance: 12 m2 / l
    • Washable: class 1 according to EN 13- standard 300
    • Easy to apply texture without seam or spray
    • Matt and velvet appearance
    • Formats: 50ml, 0.5l and 2l
    • Packaging: recyclable metal
    • VOC: <1g / l
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