New USA location in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania
New USA location in Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania

This third USA location is strategically located to allow for easier diversion of damaged windshields and architectural glass from being sent to landfills in the Northeast USA, including the major areas of Philadelphia, New York, Boston, Mid-Atlantic and even Eastern Canada.

Shark Solutions introduction in 2012 of large scale post-consumer laminated glass recycling in the USA forever altered the way in which damaged laminated glass was destined. Historically in the USA, the majority of damaged windshield and architectural glass were sent to landfills, where it has been estimated to take up to a million years to decompose.

Through its specialized processing, Shark Solutions is able to separate the glass from the poly-vinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer and transform both into valuable raw materials for new products. The benefits are many for industries where consumer demand is high for recycled and upcycled materials as well as for the planet, as it saves valuable natural raw materials from being harvested.

The new 66,000 square foot Wilkes-Barre facility will be capable of processing over 100.000 ton of damaged windshields and large amounts of architectural building glass, annually, which supports the circular economy.

The damaged glass is transformed by Shark Solutions into valuable raw materials for a variety of new products, with benefits including:

– Replacing the need for manufacturers to harvest natural raw materials from the planet.

– Estimated 1 ton of GHG emissions are reduced by manufacturers for every 5 tons of recycled glass cullet.

– The PVB is upcycled into advanced, alternative binders for carpet, flooring, paint, and other applications where the post-consumer upcycled material reduces GHG emissions with factor 6-10 depending on which binder is being replaced.

– Addresses an increasing demand from manufacturers for alternative raw materials in various industries including energy saving insulation, paints, coatings, carpets, flooring, sound dampening products and more.

– Satisfies consumer requirements for major brands to provide products that have a lower impact on the environment without a loss of performance.